Zombies From Hell

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The Brief

With a notably edgy brand, HELL are known for their fun and out there marketing campaigns, so naturally they came to us when looking for an innovative new way to engage their customers. We had to think of what would captivate the HELL audience, inspire brand loyalty and drive sales. We needed something that would get people talking..


The Idea

We cooked up this idea of how cool it would be to play a mobile game on a pizza box and the magic of augmented reality provide us with the technology to do exactly that. Eating pizza and playing games is just a natural fit. 


By downloading the HELL augmented reality app onto a mobile device, customers are able to scan their promotional ‘Zombies From Hell’ pizza box and play a 3D zombie shoot-em-up experience where they defend HELL stores against hordes of marching undead. Brand loyalty was promoted with repeat visits and continued play allowing HELL customers to win rewards such as free sides and pizza with their next purchase and unlock levels with new zombies & weapons.


“We loved the idea as soon as it was pitched, not only is it a first in our industry, it fits the brand and our audience perfectly” 

- HELL CEO Ben Cumming   

The Impact

With a huge 30,000+ downloads and social reach of 429,618 the campaign was a huge success. A week after release it had become the 8th most downloaded app for NZ, beating both Facebook and globally popular game franchise Plants Vs Zombies in the download charts.



Zombies from Hell has featured on 50+ websites and blogs in 8 different counties, including: 

Campaign Brief Polygon Kotaku                     



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