Crystalp Website



(Creativity / Technology)

Crystalp are a jewellery supplier that specialise in handcrafted jewellery from Austria. The brief was to develop a new website to showcase and position the brand and its product range as a leading jewellery company throughout Australia & New Zealand as well as developing a platform that supported retailers.


The key objectives were to provide customers with a high-end shopping experience online that best showcased the products and positioned Crystalp as a desirable brand. From a technical perspective, we had to figure out a way to tie into an existing ERP system to allow ‘live product updating’ of the site and to provide an enhanced user experience at the backend of the website, to allow agents to effectively order products.


The activity undertaken set a new precedent for the company with the international franchise coming online to enquire how they can better develop the web experience for their customers / retailers.


Website development

  • Wireframing
  • User interface design
  • ERP Admin interface design
  • Backend integration

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Jamie Barker - Crystalp