The Brief

As the most sought after luxury car brand, Bentley manufacture some of the best looking cars in the business. Classic lines and elegant simplicity are just some of the recognised elements of the brand. That being said, there are over 1.2 million customisation combinations available to buyers which can make the purchasing experience overwhelming. Our objective was to simplify and improve the buying experience.


The Idea

Use emotional analysis to advise potential buyers which cars and customisation combinations would flatter their personalities. 

 We created an application that presented 20 different visual ‘questions’ to users. Based on the user’s choices and how quickly they made those decisions, the software used an algorithm to recognise emerging patterns in the personal preferences and tendencies of each customer, creating a unique ‘mood board’. The user was then presented with their results, the Bentley model that would suit them and a suggested colour palette.

This interactive experience helped guide potential buyers in an educated direction towards a Bentley purchase that they would love. By decluttering customisation options based on user preferences, the buying process became smoother and customer focused. The result was customers were more likely to proceed to the next sales step. 


The Impact

Rolled out in a selected store, in two days 55 potential buyers used the app. Of that, 26 converted to the Stylist who managed the final Bentley design configurations, with 2-3 sales made on those days. In just two days it was estimated that $1-$3 million was made in sales.