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The Brief

ASB is one of New Zealand’s largest retail bank. They came to One Fat Sheep looking for a progressive strategy that reflected their creative positioning and engaged top talent for a number of positions within the corporate team. 


The Idea

Take a typical print advertisement campaign to the next level by incorporating augmented reality to create an innovative and intriguing new recruitment approach. 


Collaborating with the Talent Acquisition team at ASB we formed a plan for an augmented application that directly interacted with potential employees. The print campaign encouraged poential candidates to downlaod the ASB Work For Us app which instructed them to scan the advert revling augmented content. An unscripted and authentic augmented video of the executive manager was used to convey ASB’s Growth Story to users before encouraging them to take the next step by registering their interest and finding out more about ASB’s corporate banking business.


The use of augmented reality created a more personal and relatable approach to candidates, engaging them with the content, the brand and the values of ASB. This resulted in a greater number of candidates with the desired qualities and interests proceeding to the applications stage.


“The immersive experience of augmented reality fits perfectly with the goals of our talent acquisition team: we are sparking an interest, and showing how innovative our business is, demonstrating with technology what we do, and engaging on a personal level with our future employees.”

- Matt Pontin, Head of Talent Acquisition 


The Impact

The campaign was a huge success for ASB, with over 3000 app downloads and more than 250 applications. Out of the 8 positions being advertised, 7 were filled by candidates that had been engaged by the Work For Us campaign.